Conference Interpreter Mandarin

We offer a Chinese conference interpreter in the Amsterdam area. If you are organising an international conference, you may need one or multiple simultaneous interpreters. Conference interpreters are often hired in pairs – this can be arranged through Banfield’s Chinese Interpreting. For conferences, fully equipped interpreting booths are recommended. This enables simultaneous interpretation with the best sound quality for optimal results.

Experienced conference interpreter for mandarin

Experienced simultaneous interpreters can help you achieve the best quality of translation of speeches, Q&A and discussion during a large event. If thoroughly prepared, simultaneous Mandarin interpreters make sure that all Chinese participants can follow what is being said. Our experienced interpreter has assisted at many conferences in various fields, both business and academic, as well as large company events, opening ceremonies, court hearings.

Benefits of simultaneous interpreting

Using interpreting booths has many benefits. It enables participants to communicate smoothly.

  • Speakers do not need to wait for the translation.
  • Interpreting into multiple languages is possible.
  • The sound quality is good, allowing the interpreters to do their work well.
  • Suitable for big events with many participants.

Send an email or call to discuss the options if you need conference interpretation!