Mandarin interpreter at work

Delegations and Business meetings

Personal interpreter

We offer a Chinese interpreter for delegations and business meetings. When you receive guests from China, you may need a mandarin interpreter with sensitivity to interpret appropriately in every situation. It could be a government delegation, a business visit, meetings or presentations. You could be having negotiations, internal staff training, or auditing. Our interpreter assists smoothly in all of these situations. You are strongly advised to help the interpreter to achieve this by providing the programme, list of participants, presentations and speech notes. In addition to preparation, the practical side of on-site interpreting is also important. Whisper translation, consecutive interpreting or the use of a whisper set can all be considered. Discuss the best equipment and setting to use with us.


Mathilda Banfield is a Mandarin interpreter with years of experience with personal interpreting in various settings. She has assisted government delegations at municipal, provincial and ministerial level. She regularly assists with business meetings, negotiations, large company events. Through regular training, she keeps her language and interpreting skills up to date. She is confident translating in different fields and industries, experienced, and well-prepared.

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